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Kristin Cavallari’s Pregnant Bathing Suit Pics of the Day

I don’t have the rights to post these Kirstin Cavallari pics….which is probably a good thing…because she’s pregnant and no one wants to see a pregnant chick in a bikini…at least not for masturbation reasons…unless you’re weird…or a pussy pretending your wife is this beautiful creature carrying your spawn inside her like some kind of loyal vessel who is really just in it for herself…

….not to mention Cavallari is a total nobody….sure we know her name, at least some of us do, but we’d rather not, cuz she’s a worthless piece of reality show garbage that couldn’t make it on her own…you know at her peak of bratty, spoiled delusional cunt….before crawling back to MTVbegging for work to feel like she mattered….only to have the show cancelled that year…cuz she sucks so fucking bad….or maybe all those years of me begging for it to be cancelled paid off cuz I felt it ruined the minds of the youth and I care about the youth as the youth are the future pussies I plan on trying to fo fuck….

But I can link out to them and that’s just what I am going to do….cuz a bathing suit…even on a pregnant nobody…is still a fucking bathings suit….

To See The Knocked Up Ass in Bathing Suit Pics –

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