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Mila Kunis in a Semi-See Through Shirt at the Airport of the Day

I am the kind of guy who really thinks Mila Kunis has got it going on….

I mean other than the pollution and damage Culkin’s cock has probably done to her pussy…something I can still see past…because I have no standards but more importantly haggard, battered, damaged pussy with baggage that could even be HIV positive is kinda what I do….It just never looks as good as this…or smells as good as I think this must smell…because I get some low grade pussy….and this Mila Kunis shit is top tier….at least in terms of Hollywood….cuz for the most part….Hollywood pussy is not really top notch pussy….but eager to be famous, liked, all insecure and irritating pussy….but when it looks like Mila Kunis…it works for me….at least for me to look at in pictures for the sake of this blog…cuz I’m more into jerking off on girls that to pictures or videos of girls…I’m crazy like that….you know a 90s pre internet pervert blast from the past…but I can still appreciate how nice it would be to cum in something that’s packaged like this…

Here she is at the airport in a see through….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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  • I hate that Culkin could get with her and I can’t.  This enrages me, I could suck her clit better than he could.  She just needs to let me proove it.