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Rachel Bilson Wedgie of the Day

I love wedgies more than I love Rachel Bilson…

Wedgies…..I love the fact that they are socially acceptable and girls everywhere get them….and openly fish them out of their asses in public like it’s not a repulsive thing to do….I mean even at a young age girls are pulling fabric out of their asses, knuckle deep….two fingers in…and that makes doing all activities amazing…it is like you can’t leave the house without seeing it…..

Rachel Bilson….I don’t mind that she was kidnapped by some pussy in her prime, missing out on all the good years of flashing her cunt at A-List events, locking herself up in Canada during her prime….only because she escaped him last year…she was like “Captor, I’m done with you and your abusive, jealousy that I’m not typecast as some star wars clown bullshit”…..only to get the world or me happy knowing she still has a few good pussy flashes in her on her comeback tour as this freem from her oppressor girl….only to get back with the kidnapper….in some Patty Hearst, Stockholm Syndrome shit….that put her back into that dark caged prison cell….with her pussy locked back into her pants….cuz there is comfort in the hell you’re used to…especially when Star Wars begs her back hard enough like a pussy…making her feel guilty or like he actually cares….

But at least she’s walking around with her pants jacked up her ass…it may be socially acceptable…and a far cry from what I expected out of her….but it won’t get her beat up at home…and I can still appreciate pants wedged between ass cheeks….pressed up against anus.

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  • I wonder what those pants smelled like after she freed herself?