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Madonna Photoshopped To Shit in Lingerie for her New Album of the DAy

Here are some pictures of old lady Madonna in some lingerie promoting her new album like she’s not pushing 60. She’s so heavily photoshopped that these are as much her as her singing at the superbowl was. I mean these might as well be a young hired model photoshopped to look like Madonna, cuz it’d probably require less photoshop than making Madonna look like this….

But as a man with nostaglic tit appareciation, I’m gonna post this shit and go along with her lie, you know pretend it’s still early 90s and I’m jerking off to her Truth or Dare movie….I have that ability….some call it a talent, others a curse….

Either way, here’s the “digitial sketch” of Madonna….cuz this shit is no longer considered a photo.

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  • I almost spit out my coffee the day I heard Madonna told her daughter that she was dressed too slutty for a date or something and had to change.  I give Lourdes props because she talked back something like “this coming for you” or some shit like that.

    I’m counting down to when her daughter’s 18 because she will be a slut extraordinaire and probably put her mom to shame.  Hopefully she’ll be doing it with Michael Jackson’s daughter who I’m also waiting to turn 18 and they can be BFSluts forever.