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Mena Suvari Grabbing Her Crotch in a Bra for Twitter of the Day

Little alien headed Mena Suvari is on the hustle for her second revival as a pussy in Hollywood worth looking at…as long as you ignore her retard water head looking head….and focus on her INSANELY GREAT ASS ….because you know some of the most disgusting looking humans have some redeeming qualities, whether it is a coinslot perfect vagina, or nice feet.

She’s recently divorced, she’s recently about to be in American Reunion, a throwback to the movie that made her relevant in the first place to the American Public…that I like to attribute to a make a wish foundation dream coming true at the retard school….even though she’s done or tried to do some more serious roles where SHE’S TOPLESS …she’ll always be typecast as the girl some dude had no business wanting in the American Pie Franchise….except maybe to work in his factory for half wages cuz that’s what you do with retards….that enterprising fucker….or for sex…you know cuz a vagina is a vagina….and a vagina matters with an ass like hers attached to it….

Who cares, here she is on twitter, saying “Look at me, I’m back, I’m here, I have a great ass, I’m not gonna spoil this second coming of Mena Suvari”…..

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  • … I may be a conspiracy theorist here, but it appears she used her Alien powers to steal the soul of Michael Jackson. =O