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Jennifer Love Hewitt Sluts Out for “The Client List” of the Day

Jennifer Love Hewitt has re-invented herself from being that fat slob we’ve seen the last few years…you know the bratty cunt who couldn’t hold her fucking own or keep a man…because let’s face it…no one likes fat chicks, especially not ones with cunty attitude cuz they were hot once in their lives and have millions in the bank….Seriously, I know people who worked her ghost show and it was cancelled cuz she was too busy complaining about what angles to shoot her at so she didn’t look fat…instead of hitting the fucking gym…

So she’s done what she shoulda done in her early 20s,but was too wholesome to do, she lost weight, made herself hot and that’s let her fat tits out of the bag and into lingerie….

This is the kind of career move I appreciate when a bitch matures and realizes what the whole point of her is to begin with…..

Here are some screenshots….

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  • I hope she just keeps getting sluttier and sluttier so she realizes her next step needs to be getting slutty with another slut. <3  I lie in wait…

  • Gak


  • Anonymous

    JLH remains a proud member of my Top 10 sexual fantasy bucket list.  She’s number 1 on the breast list.