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Megan Fox Hot and Crying in Jalouse of the Day

I don’t know if these tears are real, but I assume they are….not because Megan Fox is no longer getting work….and her relevance is fading as she’s getting older and less young and hot…..but I like to think she’s just like all battered wives, conditioned to love their abuser, fearing escaping him, even though they know he offers nothing good to them, and the only happiness or excitement he brings, is the comfort they are used to…..It’s the same old try to get out….make it halfway out the door…but when you see the door shutting behind you run back in situation….that in Megan Foxes case came when she was young, he was a guy she wanted to fuck growing up, only to become a jealous freak that pretty much took her out of Hollywood because when they married she stopped getting work, all because his career was shit and if he suffers she should suffer….while being the only guy who actually loved her….while everyone else was just after her fame, money, career….you know cuz he was there int he beginning…before she was anything and she owes him her loyalty…kinda shit…that breaks a bitch down when she gets in front of camera…crying for help….the passive agressive, fear ridden way.

She’s hot, even if she fears for her life, thanks to her abusive husband….in fact…maybe that makes her hotter.

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  • roscoe

    Not hot. She’s used surgery to turn herself into a living photoshopped picture.

  • yeah sure not hot lol she has a perfect face surgery or not imo

  • Jay

    She should run out and play in traffic. Enough of her bullshit, why are we putting up with her?

  • Tunechi

    Mane that girl need to chill it will be aite and she sexy mo

  • Melodie

    What??? That caption paragraph was beyond incomprehensible. You should probably stop trying to write.

  • Singtress

    Not to be mean….but I had to really hurt my brain to try to read that paragraph too. In fact, I gave up.
    Maybe you should have another cup of coffee and edit it again….?

  • Mostfamous

    Stop jerking off while you write. That shit made no sense fuckwad.