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Jessica Alba Hot in Jack Magazine Italy of the Day

I still like Jessica Alba….despite all she has going against her….mainly being older and a mom of two….two things that generally make me want to move onto appreciating younger pussy that hasn’t been ravaged by the horrible nightmare that is marketed as a miracle…child birth….but for some reason….I’m into her….

She’s like the bitch you fucked in your 20s, who is now a mom, married and miserable in her upper middle class life, hitting you up on facebook for another round cuz her husband is out of town at a conference and she’s ready to cheat….and she’s chosing you… cuz you’ve been there, you always had a connection and most importantly no one she knows would believe you if you told anyone what happened so you can’t extort her, and why would you, she’s the one who got away and you’ve been jerking off to memories of her like you were a chick in your bath and not into porn the last decade…..dying to experience her and her rich and fancy smells and maintained body even if it has baggage like kids and less tight vagina….things you normally hate…..but her wanting you to lick her asshole before fucking it like you used to, something her vanilla lawyer or doctor or whatever husband doesn’t do to her….makes it all worth it.

It’s one of those brokeback mountain “I can’t quit you” situations, just less homo…and here is Alba, mom pussy, mom body and all in some magazine for no real reason….

I approve of this message:


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