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Xenia Deli Hot in the Changing Room of the Day

Xenia Deli is pretty fucking hot…so hot I can see past her stretch marks….that are making me wonder if her booty grew too fast when she first hit puberty and was all hormonal….or if it was a product of quick weight loss after being a fat slob….cuz you see one of those things is not quite like the other….but maybe both should not be analyzed…because it takes away from all that is good about her…even if I have no idea who the fuck she is…cuz when you look like this you don’t have to be anyone, you don’t even have to be breathing, you just need to keep getting in a bikini, shit will work out ok for you as more and more people start jerking off to you…..

So I did some research….turns out that “Xenia Deli, was born October 27, 1989 in the Republic of Moldova (south of the Ukraine). She stands 5’7″ and dreams of one day becoming successful model.”

Makes a huge fucking differnece when looking at these pics right? All communist raised, hard working and familiar with organized crime to finance her escape into this sex trade….

Who cares. She’s in a changing room. Half naked. I’m into this….but then again watching girls change is kinda a fetish of mine….one that has got me banned from many stores.

I approve of this message:


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  • Me and one of my friends were taking pics of eachother in a Victoria’s Secret dressing room.  (I was 20 I didn’t know better).  The manager made us stop and made us leave.  Fucking dyke was an anti-dyke.  What the hell.

  • ExpletiveBMP

    aw well you know what they say M&M— nice pics though,and a nice whomever she is, tis a pity images can’t take a snap shot of someone’s soul, or who they actually are deep inside.  Circumstances almost always molds the overall personage of an individual like the lass above, and I think, having a charmed life tends to make the more beautiful incredibly shallow.  Then again, I’ve met some ghastly cunts who are fucking evil, but then, it’s perhaps that harsher circumstances has made them bitter as fuck. 

  • Taktu

    Nothing that Ive never seen. Next!