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Scarlett Johansson Boring as Fuck in Vogue of the Day

I dont’ understand how someone like pudgy, uninteresing, but marketed as hot as fuck, even though she looks more like someone swelling up from a food allergy, like Scarlett Johansson can go from producing nude pics for her “husband” and not the media….you know that she took so seriously that the mother fucking who “stole” them is going to be getting 30 years in prison for…according to the fake court system they set up on a sound stage to make her look like she’s not an attention seeking slut promoting some shit to keep her getting work and making money as her body that was wrongfully a lottery winner in terms of careeer, fame and fortune….goes south……..to this boring as fuck photoshoot in Vogue that I am posting for the die hard fans who have obsessive compulsive order that blinds that fact that they’vee all been lied to.

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