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Candice Swanepoel by Terry Richardson of the Day

These pictures are the highlight of my day as a blogger because I like Candice Swanepoel and what I imagine would be a South African retroantivial smelling twat….she’s hot….and I’ll look at her in boring bikini catalog shots that she’s always in….hell I’ll always look at her changing her tampon, taking a shit, napping, letting her dog eat her out, hiding under her bed cuz she knows there is an intruder in her home…..getting fucked by black dudes like shit was back home and it was the Apartheid…..and he was Nelson Madela. You know pretty much under any and all circumstances….cuz she is that good…but I always like her better when I can see her nipples….sure Terry Richardson is played out, boring, too mainstream and repetive…He’s been exploited by every brand, his style uninspired and a cash grab….but he did get Candice Swanepoel into a sheer top….and that’s more than I’ve ever accomplished in life….and if anything that’s pretty nice of him to do for us…and we should be appreciative of his scam….Today, I know I am….

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