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Ashley Tisdale Getting Out of Cars of the DAy

Ashley Tisdale is scrambling…I assume on the verge of a breakdown…see her friends who she probably hates because girls are catty cunts and hate each other….while pretending to love each other….and will be shitting on each other….behind each other’s backs….unfortunately not in each other’s mouths while I jerk off…..only to be bridesmaids at each other’s weddings…even after they’ve banged the groom behind the bride’s back cuz she made fun of her….cuz girls are all fucking ruthless sociopaths….

Point being, Tisdale is being made pretty aware of the fact that she’s not hot, when movies don’t cast her, but cast every single one of her counterparts….you know playing out in her head that that blonde nobody in the Spring Breakers should be her…..

Forcing her get out there, slutty styles, getting out of cars in skirts while showing some cleavage and hiding her horrific plastic surgery accidented face.

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • Billy

    ash looks a little worn out if I must say so

  • Jagrsucks31

    Those are her thighs.  The tan line would be fully visible.

  • Jestersdead22

    Totally thighs.