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Lindsay Lohan’s Chipmunk Face Gets Work of the Day

Here are some pics of a genetically modified Lindsay Lohan rocking her new chipmunk face on the set of Glee because apparently she got a Cameo spot, maybe this week they are singing songs from her album everyone forgot about….

I am pretty sure that she’s not getting paid for this, because that’s the place she’s at in her career, you know one step away from the final curtain being cast and evicted from Dancing with the Stars… but I like to view her on set being the reason she hasn’t answered my texts the last 6 months or more….you see for those of you who don’t know, me and Lohan were best text message friends for a few months when she was on drugs and a lesbian before the DUIs…and I haven’t been able to win her back…even though this is a time she needs me most…cuz I have great plans of K-Fedding her….that we can safely say won’t happen….partially because she’s so fucking busy… I mean come on look at these pics…where could she find the time to send me a titty pic between sitting around all day amongst a bunch of idiots you know as she filled her purse with the free food cuz she doesn’t have money for these kinds of luxuries anymore…..

The whole thing is amazing….I love reality checks and life lessons that make someone who was so high up in career and spirit crash so hard..it is fun to watch the scramble.


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  • I hope she makes out with Naya Rivera. =)

  • HorneyLohanWanker

    I hope she is smoking and fingering her asshole. 
    Red lipstick would be a whanking bonus.