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Megan Fox Pre-Pregnancy Sleazy Sharper Image Ad of the Day

I didn’t know Sharper Image was a porn shop…not that I consider this to be actual porn…it’s just Megan Fox in her panties and thigh highs screaming “THE MOVIE BUSINESS ISN’T LUCRATIVE ENOUGH FOR ME TO NOT TAKE SMUTTY PHOTOSHOOT JOBS FOR SHITTY MAIL ORDER CATALOGS”…..let’s just hope this public shame, no matter how much it paid her, makes her really reflect on her life choices and cunt behavior when she was at the top…more importantly…makes her really evaluate not getting naked in movies…even though now when she bites the bullet and does it…she’ll be a mom with a mom body….not as tight as she should be…but I’ll take a bitch naked at any point in her career cuz I proves they’ve realized what makes the girl go round….bitches getting naked…

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