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Anja Rubik’s Hot Hip Bone in Her Dress for the Costume Gala of the Day

The world is filled with too many fat chicks….All this processed food, cupcake shops, ice cream parlours are too accessible for them….coupled with the whole “positive body image” marketing that’s out there telling girls to love themselves if they aren’t a size 2, to not kill themselvs trying to be fit, when reality is they are killing themselves being fat….it is propoganda….Lies perpetuated by fat women coalitions against skinny women to make them feel about their lazy selves….cuz recruiting wives to give up the fitness after their first kid wasn’t enough fucking damage…..

My bed is also filled with too many fat chicks….cuz the skinny chicks are rare and being swept up by rich dudes who hate fat chicks as much as I do…cuz that’s natures fucking way…..fat is bad….a sign of death and should be kept for the weaker men….which in my case it has…

So when I see Anja Rubik showing some hip bone, I see hope. Let her inspire…..

To See The Rest of the Pics

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