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Anja Rubik Naked For Fashion of the Day

anja rubik YSL

I am going to whine for about 10 seconds about the inconsistencies of social media and their prioritizing and really segregating and not being inclusive but rather oppressive assholes with favoritism…

You see, celebs, fashion photogs, people they think are cool are all posting up nude pics, despite the rules saying nude pics…

While I’ve been deleted I’d say 5 times over 5 different accounts not able to reclaim my account, making me barely use the platform and never getting the 18 million followers I need to hit critical mass because of it…you know boxed in by the people instead of celebrated and made famous….

Yet photogs and celebs and fashion companies but up fucking pussy pics…I mean I even see low level girls putting up the pussy pics and I’ve never even posted a fucking nipple.

I guess I know what black people felt like during the civil rights, I’m a back of the bus motherfucker…

Her name is Anja Rubik and she’s a nude model who makes a lot of money.

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Anja Rubik for Numero Berlin of the Day

Anja Rubik for Numero Berlin

Anja Rubik is a titty model, who I guess is seen as a fashion model, because that’s hot these titty models who are tall polarize their titty modeling….and she’s in some German edition of Numero magazine…doing some weird, angular, artsy, attempt to display that body parts are just body parts and we are all god’s people, despite their not being a conventional god, but rather a creepy dude with mannequin parts in his basement….that he makes hybrid looking humans to jerk off to…because everything is for masturbation purposes, from artistic fashion shoots, to body parts in the basement…we are a weird species with too much time on our hands and no enough human suffering….or survival…

But I’m into her titties!!

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Anja Rubik Nipples of the Day

Anja Rubik nipples in cut out white tee for Purple

Anja Rubik is a model and this is her modeling for some magazine where you can almost see her tits – but that are censored because I guess she’s conservative now that she’s old and has made a ton of money she never expected to make – or maybe this is just ironic and thus art – because she’s actually always topless in her modeling – who am I to analyze this bullshit….NOT THE RIGHT PERSON…that’s who…

I’ll just look at the pics and appreciate that she’s a model who came from some country and made it as a model and not a kardashian…it’s refreshing and a reminder of the good years…like the tire. #ad #sp #partner # everyone is a fucking IG influencer hustling free shit for their fake followers…


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Anja Rubik for Some Bullshit of the Day

Anja Rubik is a model. She has shown her tits a lot….and that makes me like her a lot…cuz I like tits a lot…especially on bitches getting paid to show their tits…because it makes their tits feel more valuable…like some kind of commodity I need to get in my mouth….because every day girls don’t get paid to show their tits…so their tits aren’t as good or worth as much….


This is Anja Rubik having already made it as a model doing bikini photos…without her toplessness…which is just fucking rude now that she’s got what she wants she doesn’t give what we want.

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Anja Rubik Topless in Cannes of the Day

Anja Rubik is a big model from Poland, who lived in Canada for a minute, but didn’t call me when she was here to fuck, which makes me hate her…but then again she may have been 10 when that happened….so I can’t be mad, even though at 10 she was likely 7 feet tall. Models….

She’s been in the game forever…or what feels like forever and she’s shown her tits before pretty much all the fucking time…so this isn’t new…but still tits…

She’s done all kinds of model work from High Fashion shit to hipster fashion shit to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show…and now she’s in calles….showing her tits.

I wonder how rich the guys she fucks are? Well she’s in France wearing FRANCE Bikinis…

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Anja Rubik for Vogue Mexico of the Day


Anja Rubik is in Vogue Mexico, because Mexicans like magazines as much as they like sneaking across the American border to provide drugs to the AMerican gangsters who make millions of dollars off of their hard work….you know the Mexicans the wall is going to eliminate…since there’s no such thing as travel visas or commercial airlines that you can fly into the country on – and just never leave…silly..

I guess what I am saying is that Mexico has their own Vogue, because they are a civilized nation that cares about fashion and models and people actually buy magazines because not all Mexicans live in Tijuana shanties where they turn tricks for Americans who like crossing the border so long as those mexicans don’t cross back to work their fields or cleaning their hotel…ridiculous…

That said….Mexico is a real place, a real city, it exists and they are just like America…and like the same models as America….like Polish Anja Rubik who is not American…she’s Polish, but makes that American money, like Mexicans…stealing those American jobs…

She’s not showing her tits, as girls who model, known for showing their tits do…but she’s still hot and I’m posting it.

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Anja Rubik Topless for Vogue of the Day


Anja Rubik is a big model from Poland, but all models are big…in size…all tall and creepy as fuck….but they look good on camera…just not when you’re next to them.

She’s been in the game forever…or what feels like forever and she’s shown her tits the entire time pretty much all the fucking time…because that’s how sex workers who aren’t sex workers but should be sex workers thanks to being Eastern European…

She’s done all kinds of model work from High Fashion shit to hipster fashion shit to the Victoria’s Secret Fashion show…and now her tits make another appearance in Vogue….magical…

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Anja Rubik Tits at a Fashion Show of the Day

It’s fashion week somewhere, and something I learned a long time ago was that there are nipples in fashion, they go hand in hand….

From the fashion magazines I used to jerk off to – because models are hot and buying fashion magazines wasn’t as obvious as buying porn magazines in an era of magazines…you could always just pretend you were gay and into design..but then again gay and into design in the late 80s usually got you beat up and left in a ditch…especially when you’re actually only reading the magazine for the nipples….

To fashion TV, which was a thing in Canada before the cable channels happened, every weekend there was an hour of fashion shows on the local channel and I’d obviously jerk off to it..

So I have a long legacy of cumming to fashion, which is why I always post fashion tits here, as porn, because I am seen as a porn site not a fashion site, and I’ve been posting this content as porn for a lot longer than most because I have a knowledge of the fashion world thanks to all those years of jerking off to it…making me a fashion blogger…without all the perks like making money…

So this model is Anja Rubik…she’s got tits and she’s showing them like a stripper but more expensive than a stripper because all girls on stage always resort to showing tit…it’s what they do.

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Anja Rubik Topless Music Video of the Day

This video came out about a month ago. I don’t listen to music, it distracts me from the voices in my head, so I don’t really keep on top of music videos, or what youtube calls – visuals to entertain people as they use youtube to listen to music for free, but that MTV call useless, because they aren’t as compelling as shitty reality TV, from Real World, to Jersey Shore, what the fuck’s the point of playing music on a music based network let youtube have that corner on the marketplace…makes perfect sense when you’re slow to the fucking gate…

Now in this video by someone named Mary Komasa, there is a titty model named Anja Rubik, who has been in many campaigns and who is pretty much a top model, despite being a titty model….who is showing her titties in one of the most dramatic videos I’ve seen in a while, not just because it is lack and white, but because there are grenades at a fashion show and two women in a topless embrace…because it’s art….

As someone who jerked off to music videos before the world had porn, before the world was destroyed by porn, before kids were raised by porn to think that sex is a male centric- bro pleasure activity – that involves abuse, facial abuse, etc….leading to all these jacked up horny rapists at the college level who think that”s what romance is…I guess this is more the kind of video you’d want to jerk off to thank S Club 7, the Spice girls and Cher in lingerie on a boat…we took what we were given….oh the 90s….

Either way, hot tits.

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Anja Rubik’s Kills Animals of the Day


Anja Rubik dialed into her Polish bear wrestling, small animal trapping for food under communist rule where everyone was left hungry and only the pretty members of the family were fed, killing off the ugly people in the family, creating some great models/hookers/sex workers….roots….


Ok, fine, maybe this isn’t Polish at all, maybe it’s just another example of assimilation into American culture, where in this photoshoot where she wore fur…fur from the endangered red and black zebra….like she was a Trump on some rich person African Safari adventure….

She’s a known titty model, who I guess is famous enough to not show here tits…and there’s no fun in that…but at least she’s tall.

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Anja Rubik Nipples for Vogue Paris of the Day


Anja Rubik is a titty model…and Vogue is a Titty Magazine…they are just clever about it and put Fashion in their description, so that every serious corporation knows that they are luxurious tits…and not just any instagram model tits…you know tits that have been cultivated amongst the richest and classiest people…draped in the richest and classiest robes and fabrics….while shot by the highest paid and international photographers…who are in on this racket too…

Because when you break it down…you know really deconstruct it…a tit is a tit…even the feminists will argue that when arguing for their right to walk around topless “Our tits are like your tits, we are all one tit, under the image of God, even though we can’t say God exists, that’s not progressive and inclusive or politically correct”…

And this to me is no different than the stills they take on porn sets before the fucking…which are sometimes set in very classy places…you know…

It’s all just tits..whether some high brow bullshit artist who calls himself an artist when he’s really just a pervert tells her to pull out her tit…or some dude who accepts being a pervert who could never pull it off as an artist so he works in porn or not…it’s all the fucking same…and by that I mean..I want to suck them all the same…and I don’t care about context…

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Anja Rubik Looks Sick of the Day


I wonder if laughing at a skinny model is called “Skinny Shaming”….

Or pointing out that the skinny model probably has an addiction…so is this “addict shaming”…

Or maybe she’s got some sort of disease like it is “HIV POS Shaming”…

Or maybe she’s got some kind of cancer….”Cancer Shaming”…

Or is this from an eating disorder “anorexic shaming”….

And is this eating disorder caused by modeling agency demands…”model agency skinny demand shaming”….

All because all the work, like the food at the table is going to fat girls thanks to “fat shaming”…

And everyone wants to feel like they are doing their part for society by celebrating fat girls…”indirect skinny shaming”…

Her cheeks are sucked in, her skin grey, her eyes bags….she’s a fucking mess….looks like she’s been hanging with Lohan…


She’s probably medicating, not eating, on drugs…from being given too much money to know what to do with…in a high pressure existence…but who I am to predict anything…I’m just pointing out that some of the greatest tits in modeling have died “great tit turned shit tit shaming”…and maybe she needs some help…Here is a tribute to what was…

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Anja Rubik Flashing Her Panties of the Day


Anja Rubik is flashing her panties strategically for a fashion campaign, that’s not slutty enough for me, because I prefer when girls flash their clits, to prove to me that this generation of girls aren’t all affected by the hormones in the food, and that their vaginas aren’t really meaty, outty with dick clits, in debunking my theory of this why everyone is gay and/or transgendered…

What I am saying is that I ask girls a few things when I see them…and they are show me the nudes on your phone, then it’s show me your panties, and then it’s show me your pussy…unless I find the girl gross in which case I talk about other girls I want to fuck…and I guess Anja Rubik is speaking to that…in a really fucking tame way..

I prefer when her modeling has HAS TITS

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Anja Rubik in SS 2015 of the Day


These Anja Rubik pics aren’t that exciting or sexy pictures of Anja Rubik….

But she has done so much FASHION PORN ….you know fully naked and showing vagina like it was Playboy in the 80s, shit that girls used to get paid a ton of fucking money to do, but not they just have to do because women naked is a lovely thing, and because the men who cast them, like to get as racy as possible to make as much noise as they can for their campaigns, and tits get hits…obviously…tits have bought me at least 2 of my last 2 private jets..rigth…

Here are the pics for SS 2015, that really aren’t hot, or amazing…but a reminder of Anja Rubik, and sometimes you don’t need pussy to make a pic good…very rarely…but sometimes…

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Anja Rubik Does Flash Dance of the Day


Anja Rubik is an amazing model…and here she is on the cover of what I’ll call an obscure fashion magazine because the name is so silly and robotic…doing the Flash Dance inspired pose…and for someone who has jerked off to the flash dance panty and a sweatshirt scene at least once…thanks to being a teen in the 80s…and more importantly…being a pervert who appreciates the art form…this is amazing…enough.

I mean I don’t get excited about bullshit anymore, but I dig this cover…now where are the rest of the pics…

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