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Milla Jovovich Ass Flash of the Day

Milla Jovovich flashed her ass today….we’ve all seen this mom naked before…she was a model who was always naked before being in movies….and even in the movies SHE GETS FUCKED WHILE NAKED ….she’s not one of those shy to show her thick hipster bush and long niplles…but I guess staring at her bruised ass is entertaining enough to post….because it is as close as we’ll get to trying to get her pregnant for another time through her anus….if you know what I mean….

To See The Rest of the Pics

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  • Shitdick

    wow, the link you put in there, to an old post about her, got 8 comments.  I bet you’d blow terry richards right now to get 8 comments on ANY post these days….

  • Anonymous

    I like the link to those pointed nipples.  I’d like to have both in my mouth at the same time I pounded her starfish. 

  • Anonymous

    That’s a shadow not a bruise.