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Rosie Jones Does a Topless 360 of the Day

This is the shit animated gifs are made of….

Rosie Jones confuses me. I don’ really know who she is, I assume she’s a UK trash can of a woman who should be a stripper but managed to get a gig in a magazine cuz she was willing to get topless….work ethich that is good enough for me.

Here she is pushing the limits of modeling, you know really getting physical….doing a 360 degree turn as the camera snaps her….

What can’t this talent do…seriously, put her in the circus.

To See The Rest of the Pics – In Order….To Make a Gif

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  • Shitdick

    those are some perfect titays right there!

  • I can watch her spin around topless for hours.

  • She has an amazing body (minus the tramp stamp). 360 on, Rosie Jones.

  • juan

    u guys are faggots