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Gisele Bundchen Covers Vogue Paris of the Day

Gisele Bundchen has sand on her ass for the June Cover for Paris Vogue….and I wouldn’t mind wiping it off with my mouth and/or penis….despite rumors that she’s a mom….or that she was born a man and that’s why Victoria’s Secret fired her….you know that Brazil tranny connection is pretty hard to ignore….but I figure so long as her cock is tucked in a way I don’t have to see it and her hair long enough….and tits. despite being fake, are available to grab onto…I don’t mind sticking it in her man pussy/anus….and apparently either does your football hero…Tom Brady….but maybe I’m just getting carried away because her ass is hot enough that I’d let her balls rest on my forehead as I tried to lick it….provided she had balls….which she probably doesn’t….she probably just has an empty scrotum looking pussy thanks to her breeding….but she is good enough that if she did….I’d get up in it…..and here’s the cover pic for Vogue Paris….which means more pics to come….which means more pics to come to….stay tuned.

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  • I wonder if she got sand in her vag on this shoot.

  • Anonymous

    That is by far the best her ass has ever looked.  She must have had some work done because she use to have a flat ass. 

  • dan

    Have u ppl not heard of photoshop? She doesnt even have an ass