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Oliva Munn’s Eating in a Covered Bikini Top for Twitter of the Day

Olivia Munn represents all that is wrong with celebrity….She got herself on some nerd show, luring the nerds, who are a loyal fan base, and felt she was bigger than she actually is…even though she’s never really had any solid work, and the work she has had has not been substantial at all…if anything it has been bottom feeding…and instead of posting a bikini top under a sheer shirt…she should be jerking off on the internet for the virgin losers who made her…I’m talking dirtier twitter pics…and not just shit appealing to weirdos who get off to girls eating….step your game up whore.

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  • If I knew how to use photoshop I would just replace the cookies with cocks.  She even has her hands shaped for it.

  • ant sz

    Jesus I hate this ugly unfunny twat.  Kill her.