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The naked cannibal high on PCP and Bath Salts shit is just next fucking level crazy…the rest of the stepNEWS is prettyamazing too…..from 11 yera olds fallinng….to police being attacked…to polee dnacers and 80 year old Sky Divers Dying…the stepNEWS is amazing….

Pregnant Woman Crashes Car While Drunk
Police say a pregnant woman in Southfield, Michigan crashed her car while drunk. She had another child with her in the car at the time of the crash.

Officer accused of sending explicit videos to minors out of jail
A Gwinnett County police officer is accused of posting an explicit video on a website aimed towards minors.

Flasher on the Loose in Dayton, Ohio
Police in Dayton are searching for a flasher that has flashed multiple women around town.

80-Year-Old Falls Out Of Harness During Sky Dive
Laverne Everett went sky diving for her 80th birthday and fell out of her harness. Her instructor was able to hold onto her and she lived to tell about her experience.

Pole Dancers Pushing For Olympic Berth
Pole dancing supporters are hoping to raise public awareness and make it to the global stage.

Girl Falls From Rock Climbing Wall
A man used his cell phone to videotape his 11-year-old daughter rock climbing and on her way down from the top her harness broke.

Miami Police Take Down Naked Cannibal
Miami police took down a naked man found mauling another man, biting his face.

Caught on Tape: Robbery Suspect Attacks Police Officer
A robbery suspect attacked a Philadelphia police officer, attacking him with his own baton, , resulting in a shooting.

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