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Karolina Kurkova in Lingerie for Vogue Mexico of the Day

I kinda liked Karolina Kurkova during her fat years…..you know when she COULDN’T FIT INTO HER DRESS DURING THE VICTORIA’S SECRET FASHION SHOW CUZ SHE GOT SO FAT ….It was an emotional time filled with baked goods…that almost got her fired from Victoria’s Secret, who’s secret isn’t that they hate fat chicks, if anything they love them, cuz they know fat chicks buy their shit to make their husbands happy, they just don’t want them modeling for them….and either do the husbands….

She blamed it on hormones, developed an eating disorder, had some kids, and now she’s in Vogue Mexico, my mother nation, wearing lingerie looking hotter than most moms should….

But I still miss her lowest point…that was the window of opportunity to move in on her big eastern european ass….but there’s always menopause to bring all that fat back….we can only hope…cuz SEEING HER FAT AND HALF NAKED ON THE RUNWAY BROUGHT ME JOY ….

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