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Gisele Hot in a Bikini for Vogue Paris of the Day

I posted the cover of this HOT VOGUE PARIS BIKINI SHOOT WITH GISELE a few weeks ago….and today, I am posting the rest of the pics, that happen to be amazing, and that actually make me feel like I am looking at a woman for a change….she normally was a model I was on the fence about, you know with the whole faking a pregnancy rumor cuz she was born a dude, fired from Victoria’s Secret cuz she was born a dude, married a Football quarterback cuz he likes dudes and is trained to perform to male attention…I blame hazing rituals….

So it just all made sense and made me feel like she may be the gatway to gay….with that hard face…and I didn’t wanna fuck with that…but I guess she got better hormone therapy, cuz she’s looking good all hard nippled and in bikini in Vogue Paris….I am a fan.

Here are the rest of the pics….

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  • Pscheck2

    In MHO, She impresses me as a commander of one of those Nazi prison camp torturing the inmates as she cracks her whip! Poor Tom, he has become the complete woose with her leading him around like a dog on a leash!