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Coco’s Ass Being Used as Table for Bethenny Frankel of the Day

Coco and Bethenny Frankel are both equally horrible, shit stains on society cunts, who shouldn’t matter, but do matter, cuz America is into celebrity and making celebirites out of fucking garbage human beings….

I have seen Bethenny Frankel on her own show once, whinning and being annoying brad about launching her fucking skinny girl bullshit drink…and I have seen Coco stripping in the 90s before Ice T decided to scoop her up and support her life like a lottery ticket she paid for with hre throat fucking skills and the fact that she already had a fat ass and tits, something that black dudes love on white bitches…..

So I can say with confidence that I hate them both.

So seeing COCO bent over, while Bethenny Frankel takes a sip of her shitty fucking cocktail….would be far more interesting if it ended in explosive diarhea….

Or more interestingly, in spontaneous combustion, I’ve heard that it happens to cows because of the methane in their stomachs, and since Coco is a cow, it’d only be fitting….

But unfortunately, all we’ve got is this pic of these old hags thinking they are so clever thanks to their strategic hooker behavior that got them both the good life they have today…..

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  • Dsadasd

    sexy as hell!