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Bethenny Frankel the Crypt Keeper in a Bikini of the Day

bethenny frankel getting wet in her bikini

Sometimes it is important to off set looking at hot young photoshopped chicks from instagram in bikinis – by looking at zombies in bikinis…you know to renew our love for the hot young photoshopped chicks from instagram in bikinis – because we are getting desensitized to hot chicks in bikinis – and forget that there is a world where not every chick is a hot chick in a bikini…

But the problem with this strategy is that being bored with hot girls, is terrifying and leads to Zombies being new and exciting, and disgusting…but different you weirdo.

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Bethenny Frankel Fake Tits in a Bikini of the Day

Bethenny Frankel has one of those hard looking faces that you just can’t quite figure out how she ended up on TV. Sure the show she was on wasn’t that big of a deal in the grand scheme of the world, but she was still able to leverage it and maneuver it to make her a lot of money through branded Skinny Girl products…clever.

Bethenny Frankel is one of those hard looking faces that you can just assume was friends with the producer…a producer who should be ostracized in the industry for putting out something none of us want to see…but not enough letters were sent, not enough haters spoke up, and instead of squashing her existence…we collectively created it. She won.

Bethenny Frankel is one of those hard looking faces that has a fit enough mom body, even with the ravaged stomach from a kid, that is nicely balanced out with fake tits…making her face almost as irrelevant as she is…because even if she barely exists, her bikini seems to make her matter enough…..


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Bethenny Frankel See Through of the Day

I don’t know what this is from, or when it is from, it is safe to say that it is part of some PR campaign for this Skinny Girl Margarita drink owner, who was once an annoying Real Housewife, or what I like to call a pile of shit that represents all that you hate in the world…who is now clever enough to use her fake tits, fake tits I am sure she’s used before, in a way fake tits should be used…to get attention….noticed…and in turn to sell lap dances, only for her, the lap dances are for the paparazzi to snap off pics of her mom stomach, on a paddle board…showing nipple that I am sure many people have seen before.

The fact that test people exist is insane to me. As a society – we should have higher standards in who we collectively choose to make rich.

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Bethenny Frankel Old Lady Bikini of the Day

I guess when you make a lot of your gold digging money on a product line called “Skinny Girl”…a product line you have to do less than a few hours a week on..but rather you just “spokesmodel”…you have a commitment, probably contractually to stay skinny, even if your ass is melting despite your efforts….at 100 years old what do you except…

Oh…apparently she’s got a daily talk show.Thanks shitty reality TV that speaks to the retards of the world for making these people exist.

Either way, I would rather not be looking at her in a bikini, when instagram has so many hotter girls posting pics of their vacations to look at…but I’ll post it anyway…even though this bitch doesn’t exist to me and shouldn’t exist to you even if she does exist.


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Coco’s Ass Being Used as Table for Bethenny Frankel of the Day

Coco and Bethenny Frankel are both equally horrible, shit stains on society cunts, who shouldn’t matter, but do matter, cuz America is into celebrity and making celebirites out of fucking garbage human beings….

I have seen Bethenny Frankel on her own show once, whinning and being annoying brad about launching her fucking skinny girl bullshit drink…and I have seen Coco stripping in the 90s before Ice T decided to scoop her up and support her life like a lottery ticket she paid for with hre throat fucking skills and the fact that she already had a fat ass and tits, something that black dudes love on white bitches…..

So I can say with confidence that I hate them both.

So seeing COCO bent over, while Bethenny Frankel takes a sip of her shitty fucking cocktail….would be far more interesting if it ended in explosive diarhea….

Or more interestingly, in spontaneous combustion, I’ve heard that it happens to cows because of the methane in their stomachs, and since Coco is a cow, it’d only be fitting….

But unfortunately, all we’ve got is this pic of these old hags thinking they are so clever thanks to their strategic hooker behavior that got them both the good life they have today…..

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Bethenny Frankel 120 Million Dollar Panty Flash of the Day

Panty flashes are so fucking boring….I am tired of them….I am looking for something way more hardcore…I am also tired of these no name bitches who I have no fucking idea who they but who managed to get on TV and use that low level fame to create a brand of products that they just sold to another company for over 120 million dollars….proving that TV is still the best marketing tool and that America loves everything on TV, reminding me that I should quit the internet, get on a reality show, and launch my line of whore pussy juice energy drink that gives you an adrenaline rush for fear you’re gonna get a disease from it, but luckily when the drug that laces the shit get into your blood stream it’s all fuckin’ good…If you know what I mean…

To See The Rest of the Pics of her Shitty Panty Flash…using her underwear to try to keep in the public eye to get make more stupid money….
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