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Sophie Monk Does NUTS of the Day

Sophie Monk may be a joke – or at least non-sense people don’t even remember because she’s never really done an actual movie…her real claim to fame is getting herpes from Paris Hilton via a Good Charlotte twin who imported her from Australia cuz she wanted to be Hollywood famous….I think she may have even done the whole popstar thing, at least in Australia, where she won somee reality TV show that got her to be in the same room as Good Charlotte twin in the first place….

The truth is that none of that matters, she’s a fucking nobody, even if she’s got big lips, decent tits, and a vagina capable of eating any pair of pants it faces…you know notorious for cameltoe…Sure she’s hot, but she’s getting old and has got all the attention she deserves, even if she’s doing photoshoots for nuts, half naked pretending to do sports…and even if those photoshoots are kinda amazing to look at…..she still fucking sucks…a real fucking loser….

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  • cunty Cuntall

    Just shot my wad !