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Jennifer Aniston Hot Old Body on a Yacht in a Bikini in Some Spy Photos of the Day

Jennifer Aniston was in her a bikini on a yacht, pretty much because she has won at life, taking her moderate looks and decent body, with rockin’ tits to the fucking top by getting cast in some show that made her a fortune when she was pretty much a nobody, leading to her being some spoiled fucking cunt, who gets to live the good life, on yachts with various men, none of whom marry her or knock her up, cuz she’s 45 and it’s too late for that, the uterus has closed up shop, and that’s what you get for being intolerable cunt no one wants to cum inside, cuz it means dealing with her for life….you know all vain and into herself, thinking she was the hottest bitch out there, with Brad Pitt on her arm, only to get a reality check that was Angelina Jolie, leaving her never the same, but still totally fucking irritating….

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  • Anonymous

    JA knows her role so she gets a pass from me.  My only complaint is Jennifer is supposed to be really bad in bed.  I also heard some columnist named Ian Halperin reported that she had a very bad female odor.  Surely with her bank account she can find a
    cure for that condition.