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Courtney Cox in a Bikini – Unfortunately – of the Day

Courtney Cox is old. She is also the less attractive bitch from Friends, 15 years later, more importantly, she is a victim of “I can’t believe this bitch had sex with that man enough to make babies and get married”….onee of those “I can’t see past her sexual history no matter how hard I try”…cuz sure she has no standards, but you can’t slot me in with David Arquette’s sloppy seconds eater….if you know what I mean….not to mention she’s old….making for a real unfortunate state of affairs…the only thing going for her is that she’s rich, not fat, and will never be alone for those reasons alone….even if she’s old…cuz there’s always a younger gold digger willing to get up on an old sitcom fetish…like her boyfriend co-star who posted these pics of her on twitter….spotting opportunity and jumping it…possibly cumming inside of it…hoping it isn’ t already menopausal….

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  • Anonymous

    I bet she is a hell of a lot tighter that Aniston.  I think she looks pretty good and unlike Aniston, half of Hollywood hasn’t been in her. 

  • beavis

    She looks like a young Lily Tomlin.