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Britney Spears Bikini for Facebook of the Day

Britney Spears Bikini

Britney Spears just posted this bikini picture of her on Facebook and I figured I’d relay the message to you…I am not entirely sure what the message she is trying to get out to the people is…I just know this is a textbook case of a girl help captive by prisoners and abusers who need her because she makes them huge money…tying to cry for help using her kids strategically so that her handlers don’t catch on. This her sending out smoke signals, she knows a bikini pic will get reach, so look for clues, we can save her before it is too late…even though when she hit 30 and already dropped a couple kids out of her uterus, it was too late….

All this to say, save yourselves before saving some rich as fuck, money making machine who has won the lottery that is life even if her life sucks and she stages these pics for help in her bikini…but take the time to check her out in her bikini cuz all girls in bikini are good…especially when they are popstars who went to shit but are making a comeback in hotness.

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • Steph

    WTF it doesnt even look like her at all.