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Kaley Cuoco See Through Boob Pic for Twitter of the Day

They say this is a see through pic of Kaley Cuoco’s boob, posted on twitter, I say that anyone following Kaley Cuoco on twitter, probably sees boobs in everyday things all the time, it is something that comes with virginity and not having ever touched a boob, that makes all things that are attainable worth fucking….from ripe fruit to cold cuts…wet towels to couch cushions….because I’m looking at these pics of the hot girl amongst nerds…who is never hot cuz hot girls are too busy hanging with guys on steroids with tribal tattoos….and I don’t see shit….put your virgin loser nerd who lives at home with your mom playing RPG and other socially awkward games like finding the proton..glasses…and let me know if you do.

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  • LolleyGagger

    Well there’s see thru and there’s boobs but if the two ain’t together without a face it’s a pointless pic. Hopefully the REST of the pics that are will surface, I have a feeling there’s more about to be seen.

  • expletivebmp

    i’m not one of them there hipsters, and i’m not in the know of these things, and being neither a hipster or some one that watches prime time, or any form of tv other than news and documentaries from time to time, i know not who this cunt is. not that i matters. show boob and cunt pictures whomever you be woman, whomever you be.

  • al bundy

    I see boobs i might be a nerd lol Keep the good work.