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Hayden Panettiere Whales Out in a Bikini of the Day

I am not allowed to post these recent HAYDEN PANETTIERE BIKINI PICS cuz this paparazzi hates me, but I will say that she’s a lot less muscular in her midget broad shoulder half naked stance, and is instead starting to thicken in ways that happen when people give up, metabolisms slow down, or they eat too much fucking cakes….

I am allowed to post this video of her boring us with her community service for the dolphins and whales, even though I support saving Marine Mamals….possibly because I married one…

This is clearly something she takes so seriously that she is chanelling the whale call and starting to look like one at least when in a bikini….

Here she is in her bikini…

To See the Rest of the Pics

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  • Like all bitches with boob jobs she is growing into her tits