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Courtney Stodden American Bikini Dance for Youtube of the Day

I fucking hate bad dancing….even when in a bikini….especially when it is to the worst fucking song…even when it is on mute…because the girl in the bikini represents evil.

Courtney Stodden has found her calling….Trashy girl who dances on youtube half naked to make youtube money becasue she has no actual talent and because people are retards who like watching half naked girls dancing…even bad dancing to bad songs…especially when they are tabloid queens who made a fake story with a low level celeb she had access to about being 17 and now some washed up local stripper I’m pretty sure she was….despite not being able to dance….and being over 30….

All this to say, it is easy to get noticed and make money if you have tits…but it is also easy to find stalkers who want to rape and kill you…at least we can only hope bad things happen to bad people….and here is that bad person in video robbing us of our soul.

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  • joho777

    What an obvious fake rack!

  • Joe Casepack

    She’s no Kate Upton.

  • Yamboo

    What’s your problem? Many women on this page are trash and you’re getting off of them. Why do you single her out to be evil or extra cheap (my guess is you implied it). Yes, she is trash and so are many more. The bigger question is why does it come from someone working on a webpage called “Drunken Stepfather”. I really want to know what it is about the name of your page. “Drunken Stepfather” implies for me; Stepfather being drunk and is hilarious, or Stepfather is drunk and being nasty, perverted etc. The pictures on the page indicate the latter. That brings me back to my first point. She is trash and you like watching trash.

  • expletivebmp

    she’s a fame whore, and so are we, to a degree, so in the spirit of fame whoring, and having a go at young vagina, I say, dance on young lady dance on. No young vagina for me though, i like my vaginas seasoned and sprinkled with time.

  • Bluesquid

    First semi charming thing she has ever done