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J.Woww Half Naked in Inked Magazine of the Day

J.Woww and the cast of Jersey Shore are pretty much the fucking worst humans out there…The represent all that is wrong with society…in terms of their style, their intelligence, their personalities, their conversations, they behavior, but more importantly, the fact that they are all millionaires from it….especially considering that this brickhouse of a woman, built like a fucking tank, the stripper you wouldn’t get a lap dance from, who isn’t a fucking stripper, cuz she’s a millionaire…is the hot one on the show…. confusing me….annoying me….but drawing me in…probably because I have a weakness for bad smelling cheese….it’s an eating disorder, I blame my obese wife for…you know sometimes it is hard to wash properly when you are her size…

Either way, trash or not, here’s J.Woww in a photoshoot for Inked Magazine August 2012.

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  • Me

    Wow, some really mediocre Photoshop work there.

  • She might be half naked but it’s the WRONG half!