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Isla Hot in Lingerie for Dress to Kill Magazine of the Day

Isla is some hot model from Montreal who should be hanging out on my dick everyday, especially now that I just made her famous….but in reality, she’ll just think that the Dress to Kill Magazine is what actually made her famous, even though no one has ever heard about that shit, while DrunkenStepfather is a fucking household name, except maybe to hot lingerie models from my home town who I have never met, but who should be hanging out on my dick, because I bring them international exposure to perverts everywhere….

It’s actually a fucking problem….I hang out with toothless whores who don’t know what day it is…and sometimes I risk getting gangrene on my dick because of it…while there are hundreds of local bitches who I would actually want to fuck but don’t know about…who should be sucking up to me but who don’t….who would make all activities substantially more fun if they were wearing their bikinis while we do them….

What I am saying is I need a hot model entourage. It’s fucking time.

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