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Scarlett Johansson’s Sloppy in a Bikini on a Yacht in Italy of the Day

Scarlett Johansson is an overrated sloppy mess of a celebrity who should not be lying on a yacht in a bikini, although if she was gonna be in any position in a bikini it might as well be lying down, so we don’t have to see her gut hang over her bikini bottoms, but can pretend her sucking in is actual fitness…..but she should be at the fucking gym, wrapped in sara wrap, tryng to sweat off her cellulite ridden body….

I mean, she’s done, a divorcee in her 30s who peaked long ago and should have never got the attention she got, I don’t even know why we bother acknowledging that she exists….even when in a bikini.


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  • shitdick

    you are a day late with this… do you buy your pap pics at a discount store or something?….step up your game..”I don’t even know why we bother acknowledging that she exists”, says the guy who typed out a post about her….At least you brought a little hate this time.

  • Your name fits you perfectly! You would be someone I would keep my children away from just like you should stay away from writing reviews about Great Actresses and Actors! Bottom line like you again a bottom feeder, You SUCK. Overseer of bottom feeders as this, remove them from the web.

  • Scarlett blows

    I could not agree more. I thought she looked pregnant in these photos. This bitch is just a diva who can’t act. I can’t wait until she gets a few years older because she’s not talented enough to go the Meryl Streep route and no one will want her and we won’t have to see her ruin good movies anymore with her presence. This bitch is OVERRATED, photoshopped, etc. etc. She has nothing on Brooklyn Decker and Kate Upton and no where close to the acting talent of Charlize Theron. You can totally pick up on her vanity. The bitch sucks. Sloppy saggy titties too.