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Evan Rachel Wood Gets Her Nose Pierced of the Day

Are those cries of pain or pleasure. The same sounds she made when Marilyn Manson was discussing his role as Paul from the Wonder Years while deep in her asshole with some cryptic vampire tool in efforts to make his bullshit seem more authentic, or are they the sounds she learned from Marilyn Manson when he’d take off his costume and stage act and listen to his music, trying to cleanse himself of the lie he’s become with all his money he traded his integrity for….

What it comes down to is that all I know abou Evan Rachel Wood is that she bangned Marilyn Manson…

Oh and she had a nude scene in MILDREd PIERCE and was TOPLESS IN FLAUNT and that she’s getting her nose pierced on the internet in video making cries I could probably climax to….but then again, I can climax to anything.

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  • Travis

    Is she still labeling herself bisexual?

    What a fucking poser…