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Evan Rachel Wood Erotica of the Day

I don’t think Evan Rachel Wood erotica is an actual thing…but she did bang Marilyn Manson, the reason for Columbine, at least once or twice when they were dating and she was showing the world how edgy, GOTH and Dark she is…before ending up with BILLY ELLIOTT…some poofter dancer… DOESN’T MATTER…

She was the racy tween in the movie I remember creeps jerking off to called THIRTEEN, based on slutty Nikki Reed’s childhood…and I don’t really know what else she’s done…a bunch of independent things…because she’s edgy…

This is some photoshoot promoting who knows what…and this post has been a waste of all of our time – because there’s no TAKEAWAY…but is there ever really a takeaway from the nonsense I shit on these posts, when I’d rather be shit on by the girl in the pics…because it’s a better story….

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Evan Rachel Wood Nude in Westworld of the Day


At least one person on my FB feed mentioned Westworld the other day…so I googled it and it turns out it’s a Michael Crichton show put together by HBO with people like Evan Rachel Wood getting naked in it…

That’s about the extent of what I know about it, and HBO isn’t paying me the 10,000 dollars I deserve for this FREE PROMO…

But I do know Evan Rachel Wood or at least of Evan Rachel Wood and she was doing topless shoots, trying to channel being an artist or around artists because that’s what “Indy” actors in huge budget movies do when they are dating Marilyn Manson…before marrying some British dude and getting knocked up…making this Evan Rachel Wood nude scene very dull…I want mom pussy…LABIA FOR DAYS motherfucker, instead we got skinny 29 year old ass… fuck you Micheal Crichton…this is all your fault…and so was Jurassic Park Lost World….ER….CONGO…and all his other money making work

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Evan Rachel Wood Lesbianism of the Day

Evan Rachel Wood is a lesbian – but you probably already knew that when she dated Marilyn Manson – because he’s a giant pussy.

Apparently this is her kissing up on her girlfriend she recruited from twitter a few years ago – after tweeting that she had a dream about her…

Lesbian relationships are almost as boring as Evan Rachel Wood, and I guess as boring as Lesbian porn – that is totally anti climatic…

But I figure people give a fuck so I’ll post this excitement that should have way more scissoring – and less trendy girl on girl romance…

To see the rest of the pics CLICK HERE

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Evan Rachel Wood is Boring Cosmo March 2013 of the Day

I prefer when EVAN RACHEL WOOD …is showing off her little lovely NIPPLES in photoshoots….you know to show us just how artistic and wild she is…like that time she dated Marilyn Manson…pretending to be all Goth and different…while really just being a huge fucking phony…cuz that’s the whole foundation of acting…or being an actor….

But I still don’t mind lookin at her in Cosmo….cuz I got nothing better to do….

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Evan Rachel Wood Gets Her Nose Pierced of the Day

Are those cries of pain or pleasure. The same sounds she made when Marilyn Manson was discussing his role as Paul from the Wonder Years while deep in her asshole with some cryptic vampire tool in efforts to make his bullshit seem more authentic, or are they the sounds she learned from Marilyn Manson when he’d take off his costume and stage act and listen to his music, trying to cleanse himself of the lie he’s become with all his money he traded his integrity for….

What it comes down to is that all I know abou Evan Rachel Wood is that she bangned Marilyn Manson…

Oh and she had a nude scene in MILDREd PIERCE and was TOPLESS IN FLAUNT and that she’s getting her nose pierced on the internet in video making cries I could probably climax to….but then again, I can climax to anything.

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Evan Rachel Wood Little Titties for Flaunt Magazine of the Day

Evan Rachel Wood showed her titties for FLAUNT MAGAZINE ….and this isn’t the first time that she’s GOT HALF NAKED FOR FASHION PHOTOSHOOTS ….she’s one of those artist, fashionista, hipster, goths who takes herself too seriously…I know you know what I mean and I know it probably stems from Marilyn Manson ruining her with his penis when she was 18….making her watch obscure things and have obscure conversations and read obscure books cuz that’s what identity crisis people do…just go to any coffee shop and listen to the lesbians in conversation….it is annoying…but watching her fuck in NAKED IN MILDRED PIERCE wasn’t…and looking at her little nipples and little tittes for some fashion magazine isn’t either….

Here are the pics…

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Evan Rachel Wood Sluts Out for Gucci of the Day

Marilyn Manson shot these ARTISTIC NUDES of Evan Rachel Wood back when he was having weird zombie, goth, vampire sex with her….even though I’m convinced the second dude gets home, he showers himself off and lives his life as Paul from the Wonder Years, because this Goth shit was all an act in a time when Goth kids needed a mainstream icon…..but I can safely assume when he brought this bitch in at 19, she was easy to mold, you know learning about herself in this scary world as a sheltered actor with a million in the bank, leading to her becoming a full of shit hipster who thinks she’s an artist with serious depth and insight, cuz that’s just how full of shit cunts are…..just go to any coffee shop, point out the lesbian, listen to her conversations and you’ll see what I mean…

Either way, here she is in some fashion artistic erotica for Gucci….

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Evan Rachel Wood in her Underwear for Esquire of the Day

Here’s a not so hot, but half naked, which technically makes it hot enough for me, despite the bitch in the pics not actually being all that hot, but good enough to look at half naked, as all girls are….pictures of Evan Rachel Wood in lingerie for Esquire….

I posted this clip of her Naked in Mildred Pierce ….and she’s got a decent skinny body, and skinny always wins and is worth celebrating, because fat is always disgusting and an epidemic I am trying to stop by making girls feel like shit about their bodies…

I generally try to ignore that she used to fuck Marilyn Manson’s man pussy, not that a girls past has ever really stopped me from looking at semi-nude pictures of them, see, cuz I generally don’t care what a bitch puts in her vagina…or where she sticks her strap on dick….Who cares…

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Evan Rachel Wood Naked in Mildred Pierce of the Day

Evan Rachel Wood’s skinny body Marilyn Manson used to fuck did an HBO miniseries naked…..

Mildred Pierce takes place in California during the 20s or 30s and Evan Rachel Wood plays Kate Winslet’s annoying, spoiled daughter who fucks Kate Winslet’s boyfriend…

And really I don’t give a fuck what the storyline is, I just like the fact that there’s titty on TV, cuz there was a time jerking off to TV was a real challenge, where you’d have to get creative and you’d have to be able to cum fast before the beer commercial was over and I’m glad that era is no more….The internet has forced the mainstream to step it up…I guess that means my job here is done…we’ve accomplished what we came to do…and now I can go back to my tap dancing career I always dreamt of.

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Evan Rachel Wood Nude for ID Magazine of the Day

The only thing that makes a scrawny little red headed bitch hotter is knowing that Marilyn Manson got to her when she was barely 18, before she had a chance to not be tainted with weirdness. I’m sure dude’s a nice guy, but he coulda done us all a favor and at least waited til she was 25 and starting her decent into only busted bitch status before ruining her, I mean unless you’re into getting with Manson’s sloppy seconds, because for me shit’s a deal breaker. Not that I think he’s actually weird and goth, or that he actually even fucks women, because I know he’s just the dude from The Wonder Years, and this is all a fuckin’ act, he doesn’t actually fuck bitches with raw meat or dead people, but it’s still strange enough for me to not be able to see anything about her worth fuckin’.

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