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Madonna’s Miserable Boob Flash for Attention of the Day

I am on summer vacation, even though my life is a vacation, sure it is a poverty striken, third world country, trailer park version of a vacation, but unemployed, all the time in the world, and old weathered toothless prositutes, which was the theme of the weekend because she was willing to suck me off for 5 US Dollars…are more fun than posting pictures of Madonna, who has a lot in common with that toothless discount whore…..because both are willing to humiliate themselves with their little integrity and dignity in efforts to get a little attention or to make a little money….despite being too old and too tired and victims of having seen better days….but one has no fucking choice but to do it for the next fix…while Madonna has no excuse other than ego…She’s the worst and this titty flash trick to get noticed may work…but it is not as awesome as it would have been if she wasn’t 90 fucking years old.

Here’s her new video – where she’s doing the lady gaga – pantsless, shitty music, but in her 60s…..

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  • Joey C

    youre a dick for this!

  • Sue

    obviously you did notice and wrote about it….LOSER, don’t judge if you don’t want to be judged.

  • EBitch

    He fucking said he noticed, as did half the world. This old horse needs to be thrown out to pasture, I’m sick of seeing her old udders.

  • Travis

    Madonna blah blah blah, on tour blah blah, exposes herself blah blah, too old for this shit blah blah blah, controversial blah blah bleh.

    There, that about sums this up.

  • Starr

    Ugh! Again? I used to be a huge Madonna fan until MDNA came out, She’s proved how old, desperate and jelious she is in such a short time , I never thought I would say this but, She’s rather pathetic .
    How sad, just look at her 🙁

  • JJ

    What a classless hag! I’ve lost all respect for her ever since her last album! I don’t know what she THINKS she’s doing but it’s NOT cute, Lady Gaga is looking mighty good right about now. Madonna AND her saggy boob are both hasbeens . It’s too bad really, I always thought Madonna would always have “it”

  • Sellout

    That is a nasty tit.
    Madonna is a pig

  • Kel

    @Sue- He SAID he noticed! Why don’t you learn to read?!?
    HE SAID : She’s the worst and this titty flash trick to get noticed may work…but it is not as awesome as it would have been if she wasn’t 90 fucking years old.

    Get it now?! lol
    Btw, I completely agree. Madge needs to keep her utters tucked in.

  • Jake

    “Madonnas miserable boob flash” LMAO!! Too funny! Love you man!

  • Sydney

    What a load of sh!t. You can’t call anything she does “doing the Gaga” – she did it all before. It’s not her fault if gaga ripped it off. Madonna is the owner of all that she has done. And all that Gaga has done too.

  • Lord

    Oh please! Madonna has ripped off everyone from Grace Jones to Marylyn Monroe and every gay trend in between.. I’m so tired of people acting like Madonna invented the wheel! She’s old, But NOT THAT old!
    If you think Gaga “stole” anything from Madonna you obviously don’t know pop couture PRE Madonna…
    If Madonna did anything somewhat original I think I would die of shock. PERIOD

  • Kiel

    Bleh! You can tell that 53 year Old boob hangs flat and low by the way it’s shoved up and in with that wonder bra! Lmao!
    She’s gross