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Selena Gomez & Vanessa Hudgens Bikinia of the Day

This Springbreakers movie is kinda ridiculous, but not as ridiculous as the fact that I know it exists….because I am a grown man, and knowing the whereabouts and doings Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens and some other girl with fake tits is pretty pathetic…but knowing the name and plotline of a movie just filmed is even worse…but the reality is that they sucked me in with young girls in bikinis and the marketing team continues to release these pics to keep it in our minds that these sluts will be in a movie, in bikinis…and I guess I’ll be there opening night…cuz I’ve loved every single one of these bikini pics….not so much because of the girls in the pics but because of the bikinis on the girls….

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  • Movie Mun

    This movie is going to be HUGE!!! I predict at least a $2 million opening weekend.