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Audrina Patridge Bikinis at Trashy Casinos for Money of the Day

Audrina Patridge is still at it…take that haters who thought her stint on The Hills was all she was good for….you know those of us who thought she was just a half retarded chick with implants her dad bought her cuz he had no hope for her to achieve anything beyond stripping….well guess what…she’s booking really prestigious jobs…like running pool parties in her bikini at Foxwood’s Casino…rocking Indian reserves harder than a bootleg cigarette vendor shack…it’s the fucking Vegas of the the North East that trashy fat old couples go to cuz they can’t afford vegas….haters….you just have no idea what’s up…or what making career moves is all about….this is not prostituting yourself for a dollar…you’re just a bunch of haters…now look at her fake tits…they are all that matters.

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  • Jenny

    Audrina Patridge was nice to people at Foxwoods. Can’t say the day was a total success. Audrina did not look nearly as good as she used to, or could. With a good boosting bikini top like the baby blue she wore a year ago, or the white one from her recent Cabo vacation she would have looked so much better and been the curvy amazing Audrina we love on “The Hills”. Reduced Audrina needs the boost. Without it she’s just another cute girl not the dramatic celebrity we expect

  • shitdick

    wtf is this stupid bitch above me talking about? kill yourself if you actually care that much about this hollywood no body with bolt on tits and upside down eyes.