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Lady Gaga is Naked in her Hotel Room of the Day

The people at Starzuncut emailed me this horribly depressing picture of Lady Gaga that they claimed was her naked, and as someone who normally hates gore, or disgusting things, I felt compelled to see what it was, only to be a victim of false marketing, because she is wearing underwear, in one of the rare occassions I am happy a bitch is in underwear, which is not all that rare, since it happens every night I crawl in bed with my fat wife….I thank god she’s under fucking wraps…not that I have anything against Lady Gaga genitals, I’ve grabbed her ass and it was decent, I just hate everything they represent…

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  • jim

    Still would bang, but I prefer her with dark hair, if that isn’t a wig, which it probably is.

  • Steve

    Give it a year or so and a sex tape will leak showing her getting DP’d!