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Kate Upton in GQ Italia of the Day

Kate Upton may depress me with being overrated and the fact that the future brings obesity – making her nothing more than a fat chick in training – but then I remember – by the time that happens, I’ll probably be dead, and fat chick tits before they become fat chicks, even if they are sloppy, are still fun to play with and look at….I mean and more importantly, the world is into her, the collective penis of the world has decided she’s ok and thinking anything but that makes you a cock sucking, man ass loving faggot….. but I don’t really care about what the general population thinks,cuz I know that fat or not I’d still fuck her…because I’ve fucked way worse and will continue to…I just recognize flaws….and fixate on them and there’s nothing wrong with pointing out what is wrong with that….

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  • Shane

    You sound like such a baby. I guess it’s “working” for you, but I’d also guess you’re lonely, scared, and unfulfilled.

  • beavis

    I think it’s just the contrarian in you. She is so perfect and you are a rebel.

  • americana

    take heart, there’s medication for your delusions. Yes your delusional, you thinking you actually fuck is your biggest fantasy! 😉

  • Evangelista

    Hahaha @ americana!