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Miley Cyrus Panties for the Internet of the Day

Miley Cyrus is good at Instagram…if she keeps this up…she’ll probably get noticed…I mean sure she is Miley Cyrus, famous as shit, fans coming out of her ass, guys wanting to cum in her ass….but isn’t getting noticed the only reason bitches post pics of themselves on the internet making hot faces…setting up shots…posing….it is not like they are putting up pics of them looking disgusting….it is like bikinis and cleavage every fucking day on this shit….I am surprised people are shooting up theaters and not having sex with them from the giant boners they have all day logging into fucking facebook….it is not a bad thing…in fact…it is amazing…

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  • I personally like to put up pictures of myself looking disgusting. But I do that because I hate social networking and I want everyone to unfollow me.

    Sadly, it never works. After I up a pic, my phone will go off every 2 seconds to let me know that people “like” me and are talking to me. What has this world come to? Where are your standards people!

  • Rosarch

    So hot and dirty. Love her.

  • beavis

    It’s like running a commercial for herself, you know, except it costs nothing.

  • dan

    sick of this ugly skank