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Jennifer Aniston Nipple Tricks of the Day

Jennifer Aniston is old as fuck….unable to have children both because no man was every crazy enough to lock himself down to her, even though I would….but also because her boxy body is screaming menopause….she’s still trying to hold onto her glory days, you know to divert from the fact that she’s infertile and never going to have a family of her own thanks to her ego and being obsessed with her career….and she’s tapping into old tricks that were a success back in her Friends days…to show off those hard nipples and everyone will confuse her for being someone hot…when really she’s not…except maybe for that Greek thing, but all young girls go Greek these days, the above 30 crowd are the ones uptight about that shit cuz they didn’t grow up on hardcore anal porn and with Gay Best Friends who talk about dick in ass enough to make girls want to try it…..if you know what I mean….


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  • Topix

    I’d knock her up.

  • She certainly looks a lot less hot than she does in my Friends DVDs!!!

  • cowbulls

    I have to give her credit for marketing. Never in history has a pair of breasts that have seen more action than any other woman’s in the history of Hollywood still caused the general public to want to see them. She better hurry and use them to land a man. I understand she is open to darn near anything sexually and that’s a plus. But she is over the hill and rapidly heading to the valley of irrelevance.