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Lindsay Lohan Bikini Pics of the Day

Even if Lindsay Lohan’s career is pretty uninteresting and her public image is raped harder than her childhood was, you know leading to the mess he’s in now….her tits alone will never make her insignificant….even if she falls off more than she already has…and even if she dies…those tits will matter…..unless she gets creamated…cuz that will make them hard to dig up…unless fake titties don’t burn….who cares….

Every move she makes is in efforts to advance her career. Recently, it was confirmed she’s banging pornstar James Deen, cuz he wants to go mainstream famous and doesn’t mind herpes…he’s a pornstar and deals with that every day…but more importantly, she likes big dick and knows sex tape producing days for biggest impact or return on investment are numbered….and people won’t be giving her a million dollars to fuck on camera much longer…hence why she’s been partnered up with him….

She was on the beach in a bikini and I loved it…cuz Lohan in a bikini…even if it is damaged and painful…as she falls apart….it will always be fantastic to me.

To See The Rest of the Pics of Lohan in her Bikini

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  • I’d still hit it….I’d have to double up, but I’d still hit it!

  • Disgruntled

    Lohan’s boobs are not fake