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Oliva Munn Topless Scene in Magic Mike of the Day

I have heard this movie mentioned a lot lately, mainly by old horny bitches, and I haven’t bothered looking into it to see what it is actually about, because I don’t really give a fuck about male strippers, not even when they are being used to lure cunts like Olivia Munn into topless scenes, in efforts to raise her profile, cuz god fucking knows she’s been trying for fucking years….

I know, tits are fantastic under all circumstances, especially if you are a virgin loser who grew up buying into Olivia Munn’s nerd sympathy lie….but tits don’t impress me, especially not when they are from an attention seeker like this….but I’ll still watch them in action cuz I got nothing else to do…

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  • tazzzer


  • ExpletiveBMP

    too little too late.

  • ok the director sucks ass. It took her how long to button her jeans up? tits were nicer than I thought they would be

  • Jean-Michel

    Olivia who?

  • Json

    She looks really good. Obviously hit the gym before the movie and got a nice tan. Better then I was hopeing for. I was really disapointed in her Maxium shoot so this was a nice surprize.

  • Turd Ferguson


  • uncle ruckus

    Meh. The ho passed out in the bed was much more alluring…

  • blah.

  • Matrim

    Ok, we’ve seen her tits. Now can we please forget about this talentless, boring-ass slag?