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Aubrey O’Day’s Beeen Working Out of the Day

Aubrey O’Day is a gutter fucking pig of a woman who looks like she eats more fried chicken than the black men who fuck her, because although being a racist stereotype, ask any brother you know if he likes fried chicken and he’lll fucking say “HELLL YEAH HONKY” at least he would in the blacksploitation movie that is my life…..the one that Aubrey O’Day wished was her life….that may in fact be her life cuz black guys are the only people who think her fat ass isn’t fat…while everyone else knows that it is….

She’s a spoiled brat, self promoter, who thinks she is perfect and needs more hate thrown her way…she is clueless tht she is a joke…and she feels entitled to try to be sexy like so many fat girls who don’t think they are fat before her….all wearing tight clothes, showing cleavage, rocking bikinis….and being told how pretty they are or look, instead of causing panic on the beach that a crazed farm animal has escaped and is out to give the rest of us Mad Cow Disease….

You get what I’m saying…and that is that fat or not, I’ll still stare at a half naked bitch in a self produced pic, even if they look like their home is waiting in line at the all you can eat buffet….

If you know what I mean..

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