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Joanna Krupa In a Bikini of the Day

Joanna Krupa is a notorious bottom feeder, who although being hot and solidifying enough money in her bank account from various low level modeling gigs, she never really reached the full potential of celebrity, despite being hot….

So whenever I hear her name, cuz I normally forget she exists, I always laugh because I remember she did Dancing with the Stars before ever being a star, if anything that was the biggest thing she booked as a nobody….and it propelled her into more recent work on Real Housewives….

So she went from low level model who wasn’t famous, but who did Maxim, to Dancing with the Stars….to Real Housewives…in a career that is neither great or memorable…and that is really just a pile of fucking smut….

But at least she’s working the paparazzi in her bikini, something her low level ass has mastered pretty well.

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