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Teen Mom Farrahs Music Video of the Day

I don’t watch TV, because I hate being reminded how shitty humanity is, at least how shitty American media and the people it exploits are…

You know, all filled with trash, smut….

The kind of sensationalism that is so pathetic and obvious and void of substance or creativity that makes TV networks scramble for hits, willing to give shit like Honey Boo Boo’s bikini waxer his own franchise of shitty TV..

Polluting the brains of everyone…but giving people something to talk about at the water cooler while wasting away for the man like drones….brainwashed, and controlled…

It is the devils work….

Teen Mom is one of those scripted reality show like all other scripted reality shows…filled with trash….and now one of the trash stars people look at and say “thank god that’s not me, but let me make a brand out of her while hating her, making her money and being the actual joke in the equation cuz I do it for free”…..is releasing an album…

By the sounds of it…which are horrible sounds….it is a joke….but I’m posting it anyway, cuz this is the American Dream….you bunch of fucking freaks.

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  • Joe

    sounds like shit. Who the hell did the crappy PC synthesizer???

    I thought Kim K and Paris had crappy songs. This beats them.

  • david

    what is the canadian dream? to be american.

  • Rosarch

    What the hell is this fuckery?