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Vanessa Hudgens Working a Pole in her Bra and Panties of the Day

Vanessa Hudgens is re-inventing herself from the useless Disney Pawn who probably had to suck dick to get the job and more importantly who probably got paid 12 dollars a day at the job, cuz Disney’s currentcy is giving kids the chance at being famous, getting them fans, but once they hit a certain age, it is up to them to figure out the whore they need to take…whether it is posting nude pics of some 5 o’clock shadow pussy, or doing this hustle, working a half naked stripper she could have become if her parents didn’t decide to rob her of her childhood instead….and although she’s got a little pudge, seeing her working the pole feels like home….

The movie is called The Frozen Ground.

Here’s the trailer…

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  • Signothorn

    No feet pics, don’t care. Lately this site hasn’t really catered to those of us who look at women from the ground up, and I’m not sure this form of discrimination from a mediocre oogle site is going to be a successful business model for you. Nevertheless, I wish you all the best, I’m off to wikifeet to find outtakes….

  • Bubba

    Well, you may be able to watch that video in Montreal, my man, but not in the Lower 48 (or, presumably, Alaska and Hawaii).

  • Quite a bummer. I want to see Vanessa Pudgens strip, damn it!!

  • Bubba

    Video now fixed.

  • Yea, I’d skewer her like a shish kabob!!

  • Rosarch

    Mmmm, she is so fucking yummy. I would cum inside her.

  • cowbulls

    I think she is a credit to woman because she has a full understanding that she is to be used sexually by any man that wants her in any way he chooses. What a great woman.